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Some people will tell you about the cons of teaching children at home, but I'm here to represent the pros of homeschooling. Many parents don't understand what goes on at their kids' schools these days. It's not the 1950's anymore. Classrooms are being dumbed-down to allow the under achievers to move on to higher grade levels to keep the schools' achievement rate high for funding purposes or conversely, to avoid being put on a watch list by their state education board. Smart students are being penalized in certain cases because they are being held back from their full educational potential and in certain instances being used to tutor the slower students. This can cause boredom and early educational burnout for the gifted student.

Homeschooling can be tailored to fit your child's abilities and learning styles. Some kids learn better with quiet study, for example. Not many public schools afford that kind of quiet. Others learn better with one-on-one coaching and encouragement. That's exactly what homeschooling is about. Some students get anxious about riding a school bus for sometimes hours a day. With homeschooling, there is no commute. You're already there when you wake up.

Another example of the pros of homeschooling is the fact that you can advance the education of your child as fast or slow as you need or want. If someone has a learning disability for example, you can go more slowly and use techniques to teach that may not be available in public school. It also removes the embarrassment that other school kids might inflict on a slow learner. On the opposite side of the argument, if your child shows gifted qualities in learning, you can feed them information as fast as they can absorb it. You can offer a broader and deeper base of knowledge on certain subjects if your child wants it. They can begin to become experts in fields of their choice or yours.

Peer pressure in public schools can be quite overwhelming for certain students, especially in their teen years. Fitting in and being popular is somehow more important than learning at most schools. And if you happen to be a student with some sort of physical trait looked upon as being different or uncool, you're going to suffer the wrath of the student body. Don't we all remember someone like that in our public school experience? Even if you didn't participate in the razzing, it was difficult to watch wasn't it? You probably wonder like I do at times whatever happened to some of those poor kids. All they did to receive such admonishment was not be able to afford the latest clothes fashions or had ears that were perceived to stick out too much or maybe they had a little weight problem. Even the slightest variance from what the popular crowd thought was cool would bring this kind of treatment. This is another of the possible pros of homeschooling. It all goes away before it can even start. Your child won't have to loathe going to school every day to face this sort of ill treatment. They can concentrate of the joys of learning and feel good about themselves.

There's another point to make. If your child is experiencing this sort of treatment in public school now, take them away from it and homeschool. There's really no reason not to. Whatever their age, get them out of that situation before it does permanent damage in the form of hating school, low self-esteem or worse. Allow them to enjoy learning again and relieve the harassment. You'll both be happier as a result.

To me, the pros of homeschooling far outweigh the cons by a large margin. It's more natural, it relieves the student of enormous peer pressure, it allows for a more personal teaching style and it presents an opportunity for a gifted student to excel. What could be better than that?

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Pros of Homeschooling

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This article was published on 2010/03/30